Business and Platform Services for an Evolving Business Ecosystem

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At ALTO we look forward to the future and the changing nature of business, employment, and labor models. We anticipate the role that independent contractors, freelancers, and entrepreneurs will play in that changing environment. It is our mission to provide service tools and platforms to facilitate the fulfillment of that role. We're dedicated to great people with big dreams and great ideas, who share many roadblocks in common. We provide business and professional services, and develop easily repeatable structures that, once devised into centralized platforms, work to alleviate those common barriers to establishing new and innovative independent operations and offerings.


AlvaroFlores.jpg Alvaro Flores, Founder and Managing Partner, ALTO Software Enterprise

Alvaro Flores

Founder & Managing Partner
Alvaro has been Chief Information Officer for the Arizona Bar Foundation since 2004. Prior to his executive role at the foundation, he worked as the Internet Services Administrator with the Arizona State Bar and works in Partnerships with Datatech Consulting. Alvaro enrolled in the Electronics Engineering Technology program at DeVry University in 1992, and has been the recipient of numerous industry accolades for his work throughout his career. Alvaro conceived the idea for ALTO in 2015 and partnered with Thomas Danler to establish the firm.
ThomasDanler.jpg Thomas Danler, Founder and Managing Partner, ALTO Software Enterprise

Thomas Danler

Founder & Managing Partner
Based in the Phoenix, Arizona area, and having worked with companies and governments from around the globe, Thomas has spent more than a decade in the tech startup arena with focus on first responder communications, interoperability, secure communication solutions, and mobile technologies. Thomas was project engineer and founding staff member at Interop- Solutions, LLC, before going on to head the Marketing and Special Projects Departments at CellTrust Corporation until 2013. Thomas founded an independent consulting firm in 2013 and provides expert consulting services for government agencies, solution providers, non profit organizations, and cause-based startups. ALTO Software Enterprise is his latest partnership venture.